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Hobbies: Tennis (NTRP Rating 4.0), Snowboarding, cello
Food: Good Italian seafood, Sashimi
Movie: Epics, Star Wars
Music: Classical Music

Motto for, by and of Eric Tao



is part of the solution

Is part of the problem

Is looking for solutions to problems

Is looking for problems of solutions

Is looking for a solution

Is looking for an excuse

Says, I’ll participate

Says: it’s not my job

Says: how much can I help?

Says: how much can I get?

Rather has excellence than equity

Rather has equity than excellence

The following adages impact me strongly and constantly:

  • Excellence and equity are both desirable, if an organization put most effort into the former, both might be achieved, into the later, both will be lost.  (by Adam Smith, paraphrased by Eric Tao)
  • The greatest risk is not to take one.
  • The 5Fs in an effective organization: Fast, Friendly, Fun, Flexible, Focus
  • At the end of a day, it is how much you give counts, not how much you get.
  • Ability means nothing without performance
  • A leader provides more service than control, a bureaucrat provide more control than service.
  • Be generous
  • Win the agreement, not the argument. (OK, the other guy is wrong, so what?)
  • Persistence, persistence, persistence (shall I repeat? OK, persistence, persist…)
  • History rewards the braves.
  • Consistent Adherence, not brilliant strategy, decides success
    Focus X Competence X Passion = Adherence

Seven Deadly Sins - by Gandhi

  1. Wealth Without Work
  2. Pleasure Without Conscience
  3. Knowledge Without Character
  4. Commerce Without Morality
  5. Science Without Humanity
  6. Religion Without Sacrifice
  7. Politics Without Principle