Eric Tao

Better the world

with technology and management,

one bit at a time.



Dr. Eric Tao's RTP portfolio
CSUMB Capstones  Ideas:
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Research/Study Resource:
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IT Outsourcing
Game Design
Recommended Publication Venue (Academic Journals, Conferences, Magazines)

Courses offered:

Information System:

  • System Analysis (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Database Management (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Software Engineering (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Electronic Commerce System Development (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Information System for Management (Master)
  •  Web Design (Bachelor)
  •  Ethics in Information Technology (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)

 Computer Science:

  •  Computer Architecture (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Computer Programming in C++, Java, and VB (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Operating Systems (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Human Computer Interface (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Algorithm and Data Structure (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Object-Oriented Design (Master, Bachelor)


  •  Project Management (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Electronic Commerce Strategy (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)
  •  Business Communication (Master, Bachelor)
  •  Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Doctor, Master)
  •  Information Technology for Management (Doctor, Master, Bachelor)

Educational Technology:

  •  Learning Theory (Master)
  •  e-Learning Design (Master)


  •  Research Methodology (Doctor, Master)
  •  Economics for Management (Master, Bachelor)